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Sonic is one of the popular game but Sonic.exe is customized version of old sonic, it’s related to horro, and hard to play.

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What Is Sonic.EXE - The Game?

The original Sonic.exe story centered on Tom, a young man who was a great fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, mainly the older games. He swore he hadn’t played any glitches or hacked games before, although he realized that he didn’t want one after the experience.

He then describes his experience, describing how he received a CD and a letter from his friend Kyle begging him to destroy the disc before it was “too late” and not playing the game.

Ignoring his friend’s warnings, Tom plays the game and begins encountering a strange, somewhat disturbing incident from a title card, which includes an evil-looking Sonic with bloody eyes and dazzling pupils. A file selection screen with a smile was similar in appearance.

As he chooses up the only known character, Tails, and begins the first phase titled “Hill Act 1”, Tom persists to find more proof that something was wrong with the game, namely the profuse amounts of dead animals, all murdered in a gruesome way.

When Tails tried to get his attention by tapping on the shoulder during the cut scene, Sonic’s    message “Hello. Would you like to see him?” Wanna play with me?” In the next level, “Hide and Seek”, Tom sees Sonic chasing Tails, teleporting in front of the distraught Fox and killing him and turning into black, before flying off the latter, despite his inability to do so without Super Form.

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Features of Sonic.exe


Sonic.EXE looks exactly like his idol, Sonic the Hedgehog, except he has several prominent differences in appearance. Exe’s fur and quills are a darker blue and less smooth and more spotless, and his skin is a sickly pale complexion, a black color fading into his forearms, forelegs, hands, and feet, which is kind of like Exe’s dark matter. His claws are sharp and dark black in color (though sometimes they are also bright purple in color). When he smiles his mouth is often unnaturally wide, and it is always pointy and pale.

For some cause, Exe always produces blood under his eyes, even though he’s not really crying, although it’s a major birthmark (Exe’s eyes hurt a lot when he was born). When Exe isn’t crying blood, a faint but noticeable rash may appear from crying so much blood under his eyes.


Sonic.EXE is the exact opposite of Sonic the Hedgehog, a grumpy, tyrannical, spiteful, sadistic, cruel, and twisted monster who repeatedly takes glee at killing one’s life, even his own slaves, showing it as the definition of pure evil. Exe sees humanity as the perfect game and wants to one day possess it all for eternity, and regards himself as a god for the powers that control his reality. Exe’s arrogance and sadism seem to stem from his creative side, so he may use his powers to torture humans just to view what he can do to them, not just because it offers them great happiness and power over them.

In addition to his insatiable love for humans and his tragic and creative requirement to play with them, Exe also idolizes Sonic the Hedgehog, who inspired Exe to make for himself a body similar to his idol and a world that also created which contains many aspects of Sonic’s world. While Exe genuinely admires Sonic to the point of potential homosexuality and bigotry, he also shows great dismay whenever Sonic doesn’t act like the Sonic he idolizes.

Powers and Abilities

As shown by the actual story, Sonic.EXE can take off and fly, teleport from one location to another in a cloud of black smoke, travel through the game, and manipulate its code. He can create dark, magical fantasies to confuse and crush his enemies and shape-shift to look like his idol Sonic. In the second story, he is shown to be positively manipulative and charismatic, capable of leading an entire cult to believe he is doing well for the world.

Exe can bend and transform reality in any way possible, he is fully omnipotent and eternal, and cannot be extinguished by ordinary means, but cannot last very long in the real world, which would likely make him good. Exe is also able to build and exploit dark matter, the substance of which he is made, and create a large black hole inside his mouth that he utilizes when he becomes bored with a slave, which would fully disappear their soul and erase them from reality.

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